The Process

The creation of a Johnathan Behr Bespoke Suit as told by the designer himself
When you order your first bespoke suit, be prepared to have a total of FOUR MEETINGS with me and my staff.
THE FIRST MEETING (Getting to know you) During the first meeting, I get to know you and your clothing needs and concerns. I will then suggest appropriate fabrics and styles to achieve the desired look. Once we have agreed upon a fabric and style, I will then take a series of detailed measurements. Depending on your preference, a 1/3 or 1/2 deposit on your order will be required at this time. If you opt for the 3-payment plan, another 1/3 payment will required at the 2nd fitting. For those who choose to put down 1/2, the balance will be due when your suit is completed. I take credit cards and personal checks. (First meetings usually take 45-60 minutes.) THE SECOND MEETING (The "Basted Fitting") After we receive your fabric, my staff and I begin cutting your initial paper pattern from your measurements. Then we prepare your first "basted fitting." This is when your paper pattern is laid down on top of the fabric you ordered and we cut the jacket, pants and vest pieces individually and "baste" them together so we may try the suit, albeit far from finished, on your body. This allows us to inspect our measurements and make adjustments. Shoulder width, jacket, pant and sleeve length are all carefully scrutinized. We will take great care to make sure you are feeling comfortable and that the fabric falls correctly on your body. After this meeting, my tailors and I will make the first initial adjustments to your pattern. (The first basted fitting takes 15-30 min.)
THE THIRD MEETING (The "Final Try-On") Once we have completed the initial basted fitting, we then go back and adjust your paper pattern and re-cut the suit and prepare to have you back in for one more final try-on before completion. At this fitting, you will really begin to see your suit really come to life! The pockets on the exterior of the jacket will now be finished, and so will the pant and vest (if you ordered one.) The final, crucial adjustments are made to the suit at this fitting, then we move on to completion. THE FOURTH MEETING (The Delivery) The last meeting is the most exciting for the both of us. It is the delivery of the finished suit. At this time, the only thing left to complete is cutting the functional buttonholes on the sleeves. This final detail takes only 5-10 min to complete. Once the buttonholes are done, your suit is finished and ready to be worn and enjoyed! (In some cases, a final adjustment may be needed that may require you to come back one more time, however, the majority of the time, no further modifications are needed.) Please Note: A first-time order for a Johnathan Behr Bespoke Suit typically take 3-5 weeks to complete. Rush orders of two weeks can be accommodated, except on rare occasions. THERE IS A 10% SURCHARGE FOR RUSH ORDERS. Existing clients, for which we already have a pattern on file for, can order suits, jackets and pants without having to come in for a fitting. These orders can be completed 2-3 weeks.