Styles & Pricing

A bespoke suit is built to last. We are constantly innovating our suit designs, but there are many classic styles we'll make forever. Our specialty is British-inspired styles for day or night, formal or casual. Fabric selection and styling details can make your suit distinctly yours. For precise pricing, please contact us. A general guide of our price range is found here.

All tailored clothing is made on-site. Turnaround time is typically 3-6 weeks and will require 2-4 fittings on a your initial order.

Pricing is determined by fabric* selection.

Suits (2-piece) from $3000
Suits (3-piece) from $3850
Tuxedos from $3200
Sportcoats from $2400
Trousers (minimum of 3) from $600
Custom Shirts (minimum of 5**) from $260

Rush orders of 3 weeks or less can be accommodated in most instances, but a 15% surcharge will be added. All sales are final. No refunds on custom-made items. *Vitale Barberis Canonico • Holland & Sherry • Dormeuil • JJ Minnis • Gladson • Huddersfield • British Woolens **If you are ordering a suit, sportcoat or tuxedo, you can order 1-shirt and will not be required to order the minimum of 5