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It's time to go Bespoke!

There was a time not so long ago when a man's relationship with his tailor was as important and trusted as the ones he held with his barber, attorney, accountant and physician.

In this increasingly commoditized and globalizing world, fashion takes a hit. Retail often feels overly familiar, no matter what city you're in or what store your suit came from. Corners are cut with materials and construction. The result is a lesser quality garment built for the day, but not for the long term.

It's time to go Bespoke!

An impeccably dressed man is memorable. Because all of Johnathan Behr’s suits are truly bespoke, clients can be assured of a perfect fit as well as the appropriate style or cut.

Mr. Behr has found two things to be undeniably true after 25 years in the suit business:

1. No matter what the current trends are, nothing stays in style longer or gives you more wearability than an elegant British-inspired bespoke suit.

2. Nobody does fabric better than the Italians. From suitings, jacketings and shirtings, they are the undisputed masters of fine cloth.

Mr. Behr takes this devotion, knowledge and finesse of British style and Italian fabrics, brings it across the pond, and creates hand-tailored clothing of the highest quality for his devoted clientele.

Expert Wardrobe Consultation

Clients appreciate Johnathan Behr’s exceptional taste level, attention to small details, and unmatched personalized service. He gives expert advice on what colors, patterns, and materials work with the client’s own body type. Mr. Behr can help achieve that professional, assertive, and polished look for any occasion.

Made in our Los Angeles Shop

Johnathan Behr’s Wilshire District shop is where he conducts his consultations, gives previews of his array of fine fabrics, and conducts fittings. Even more importantly, all of Johnathan Behr’s bespoke suits are made in the same shop by Mr. Behr's team of master tailors and cutters. This creates a highly efficient and personal process for his clients.


Q&A with Mr. Behr

How did you get into the mens clothing business, specifically bespoke?

I grew up in Los Angeles and when I was 14 years old, my dad, (who was a well-dressed stockbroker) took me up to San Francisco for a father/son weekend. We did all the usual tourist things like driving over the Golden Gate bridge and taking a cable car ride, but the thing I remember most was when we went shopping. We hit Union Square and browsed through a number of high-end men's haberdasheries.

I felt so inspired after walking through the shops of Wilkes Bashford, Cable Car Clothiers, Bullock & Jones and The Polo Shop. It was like a light went on inside my brain! From that day forward, I spent every waking minute dreaming of the day I would have my own flagship store full of my creations. I was determined. My first trip to San Francisco left a lasting impression on me and cemented my career path. I've never lost that initial passion.

With that goal in mind, I landed a job as a stock boy at one of Los Angeles' premier menís clothing stores. Before long, the management saw I had undeniable talent for the business and gave me a shot at a sales position. Despite being only sixteen, I quickly excelled as a salesman and wardrobe consultant. I was putting together complete outfits for successful lawyers, real estate developers, and entertainment executives who were on average 20-30 years older than me! In short order, I became one of the firm's top salesmen.

By the time I turned eighteen my love of the suit business led me to a custom tailor and I commissioned my first bespoke suit. The experience changed my life. I became obsessed with the concept of bespoke tailoring and began apprenticing with the same Parisian-trained tailor who made my first suit. I began to learn all the nuances of measuring, fitting and designing suits.

Soon, I began wearing only bespoke suits of my design and fabric choice. People would stop me on the street and compliment what I was wearing. They also wanted to know where I bought it. Something was brewing. At nineteen years old, I had the makings of my own bespoke suit business. I've been doing it ever since.

How are you different from other custom tailors?

First of all, I specialize in classic, British-inspired bespoke. I follow all the time-honored traditions and protocol one would receive if having a suit made on Savile Row. I always make a client their own personal paper pattern. I do several basted fittings before the completion and I create timeless clothing that is made to last a lifetime.

The Oxford Dictionary's definition of the adjective "bespoke" is "(of clothes) made to an individuals order". For me personally, the word "bespoke", apart from it's literal definition, also speaks of a distinct British styling point of view. From cars, homes and clothing, the British have always been the masters of classic style and have never been slavish to the prevailing winds of "fashion".

Furthermore, what sets me apart from other American-based tailors and so-called custom clothiers is how my business is set up: I have re-created a Savile Row-inspired bespoke showroom with a traditional, cozy atmosphere. Most importantly, I have on-site production. My suits are all hand-made by my team of master tailors at my Mid-Wilshire District Shop in the geographic heart of Los Angeles. Most importantly, I meet with each client individually by appointment only. This ensures the client my complete, undivided attention.
What inspires your designs for men? What sparks your creativity?

I'm obviously inspired by Savile Row and all things British. Prince Charles always looks immaculate. I've also been hugely influenced by the classic style of Hollywood's "Golden Era". Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogart are all sartorial heroes of mine.

I also have to give a nod to musicians like Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones and Ray Davies of The Kinks, two British rock legends who have made continual visits to Savile Row over the decades to get suited up. They made the suit cool. Both men have great personal style.

Another influence would be the "Old School" jazz musicians of 1950's and 1960's like Wes Montgomery and Miles Davis. Those cats embraced East Coast conservatism and favored the collegiate look better known as "Ivy -League" style (i.e. Brooks Brothers and J. Press). They were preppies with soul.

And how does traveling around Europe influence the suits you design for your clients?

Traveling to Europe keeps me up to date on the style trends. In London, there are always new twists and takes on traditionalism. I am very inspired by what's going on along Savile Row, Jermyn Street and Bond Street. In Italy, the "Neapolitan style" of Kiton and Brioni is influential to my designs because of their unique take on Ivy-style and British traditionalism. Italian men don colors like watermelon, lime, and orange that most American men would never have the courage to wear! There is also quite a lot of nice men's clothing coming out of Switzerland. I should also mention Paris - there are some outstanding bespoke tailors in that gorgeous city along the Seine.

I would imagine you get a lot of orders for standard-colored suits in traditional colors like gray and navy blue. What makes bespoke fun and creative for you?

Yes, I make a lot of conservative suits. I love working with successful, educated men who rely on me to dress them for battles in the corporate and legal world. But I also love to be creatively challenged. No matter who the client is, nor what they do for living, my goal is to create clothing that truly represents their individual style. This personal mantra has inspired the creation of some very unique clothing over the years.

Recently, I made a three-piece suit for a long time client who already had ordered over 30 suits. To say he was, and still is, a clothes horse, would be an understatement. More than anything, he loves to be flamboyant, whimsical and colorful. And to his credit, he pulls it off quite tastefully. With that inspiration in mind, I came across a gorgeous chalk-stripe in a regal shade of purple flannel. At this point he had every other traditional suit color many times over. Why not purple? I found a fabric to line the interior of the jacket that had vintage 1950's Playboy playmates embossed on queen of hearts playing cards. It blew his mind. He couldn't stop opening his jacket to show it off! (Thanks Dr. Ackerson!!)

I make a concerted effort to get to know my clients personally. This helps me truly understand their needs, wants and desires. I always strive for a perfect fit and a style that reflects their own good taste. I know how to dress an investment banker for a crucial meeting in New York or London, and at the same time, dress a man for a weekend in Vegas. The common denominator - I do it all tastefully!


The Process

The creation of a Johnathan Behr Bespoke Suit as told by the designer himself

When you order your first bespoke suit, be prepared to have a total of FOUR MEETINGS with me and my staff.

THE FIRST MEETING (Getting to know you)
During the first meeting, I get to know you and your clothing needs and concerns. I will then suggest appropriate fabrics and styles to achieve the desired look. Once we have agreed upon a fabric and style, I will then take a series of detailed measurements. Depending on your preference, a 1/3 or 1/2 deposit on your order will be required at this time. If you opt for the 3-payment plan, another 1/3 payment will required at the 2nd fitting. For those who choose to put down 1/2, the balance will be due when your suit is completed. I take credit cards and personal checks. (First meetings usually take 45-60 minutes.)

THE SECOND MEETING (The "Basted Fitting")
After we receive your fabric, my staff and I begin cutting your initial paper pattern from your measurements. Then we prepare your first "basted fitting." This is when your paper pattern is laid down on top of the fabric you ordered and we cut the jacket, pants and vest pieces individually and "baste" them together so we may try the suit, albeit far from finished, on your body. This allows us to inspect our measurements and make adjustments. Shoulder width, jacket, pant and sleeve length are all carefully scrutinized. We will take great care to make sure you are feeling comfortable and that the fabric falls correctly on your body. After this meeting, my tailors and I will make the first initial adjustments to your pattern. (The first basted fitting takes 15-30 min.)

THE THIRD MEETING (The "Final Try-On")
Once we have completed the initial basted fitting, we then go back and adjust your paper pattern and re-cut the suit and prepare to have you back in for one more final try-on before completion. At this fitting, you will really begin to see your suit really come to life! The pockets on the exterior of the jacket will now be finished, and so will the pant and vest (if you ordered one.) The final, crucial adjustments are made to the suit at this fitting, then we move on to completion.

The last meeting is the most exciting for the both of us. It is the delivery of the finished suit. At this time, the only thing left to complete is cutting the functional buttonholes on the sleeves. This final detail takes only 5-10 min to complete. Once the buttonholes are done, your suit is finished and ready to be worn and enjoyed! (In some cases, a final adjustment may be needed that may require you to come back one more time, however, the majority of the time, no further modifications are needed.)

Please Note: A first-time order for a Johnathan Behr Bespoke Suit typically take 3-5 weeks to complete. Rush orders of two weeks can be accommodated, except on rare occasions. THERE IS A 10% SURCHARGE FOR RUSH ORDERS. Existing clients, for which we already have a pattern on file for, can order suits, jackets and pants without having to come in for a fitting. These orders can be completed 2-3 weeks.


Styles & Pricing

A bespoke suit is built to last. We are constantly innovating our suit designs, but there are many classic styles we'll make forever. Our specialty is British-inspired styles for day or night, formal or casual. Fabric selection and styling details can make your suit distinctly yours. For precise pricing, please contact us. A general guide of our price range is found here.

All tailored clothing is made on-site. Turnaround time is typically 3-6 weeks and will require 2-4 fittings on a your initial order.

Pricing is determined by fabric* selection.

Suits (2-piece) from $3000
Suits (3-piece) from $3850
Tuxedos from $3200
Sportcoats from $2400
Trousers (minimum of 3) from $600
Custom Shirts (minimum of 5**) from $260

Rush orders of 3 weeks or less can be accommodated in most instances, but a 15% surcharge will be added. All sales are final. No refunds on custom-made items. *Vitale Barberis Canonico • Holland & Sherry • Dormeuil • JJ Minnis • Gladson • Huddersfield • British Woolens **If you are ordering a suit, sportcoat or tuxedo, you can order 1-shirt and will not be required to order the minimum of 5


Our showroom boasts ample space to review your orders, school yourself from our sartorial library, adjust your attire with our onsite tailors or sit club chair high and examine our rotating range of bespoke suits. Situated in the Mid Wilshire area of LA, you are but a stones throw from Hollywood and Beverly Hills for that after fitting victory drink. By appointment only.

Hand Sewn & Selected

We sew by hand and we select by hand. Here then is a small but useful selection of things suited to accompany your bespoke attire. Order during your first fitting to receive upon completion of suit. Our stock is in constant rotation, so items may vary per visit and time of year.

Mad Men wear Behr

When Mad Men wardrobe designer Janie Bryant, the most influential & respected taste-maker in the entertainment industry, needs something special made for her male leads on the mega-hit show MadMen, she takes her award-winning designs to Johnathan Behr.

Behr has produced bespoke tailored suits and jackets of Ms. Bryant's designs for over the past 2 years, including three-piece suits for the character "Roger Sterling" played by Jon Slatterey and the Madras plaid jacket that Jon Hamm's "Don Draper" character wore with trend setting results.



Details Magazine has recognized Johnathan Behr as one of the world's best bespoke makers in their September 2012 issue.

Click to read what people are saying on Yelp!

Go West Young Man

Life in Los Angeles isn't the shallow cliche it's been saddled with. In fact, Southern California is arguably considered the "creative capitol" of the world. With a deep history in Architecture, Film, Fashion, Music and Art, the city reinvents itself daily to the surprise of an unexpected world. Young and Old mingle in overlapping, diverse neighborhoods, swapping influence. The new New York of the new age? In a way. It's from this complicated and often elusive place that we gather our influences and ideas. Clothing isn't just what we wear, it's a reflection of our history and environment. Bespoke goes one step further into personal expression.

The Sound of Bespoke

The playlist in the store goes like this. Wes Montgomery . The Kinks . Donald Byrd . Bud Shank . Yusef Lateef . Howlin' Wolf . Shelly Manne . Gigi Gryce . Miles Davis . Peter Bernstein . Hank Mobley . Thelonius Monk . The Who . Kenny Burrell . Bill Evans . Mike LeDonne . Max Roach . David Bowie . Jackie Mitto... to name a few.

Inspiration Information

Meeting at the corner of Los Angeles flair and British reserve, let's take a ride and sit in the traffic jam of our inspirations. From the horseless carriage to the folding bike, we find excitement in the winding world around us – a miracle mile for the material age.


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Your Message

Dear Clients and Prospective Clients,

When you come into Johnathan Behr Bespoke, you will be dealing with an individual, not a corporation. If you choose to order a suit, you will be dealing only with me and my talented staff of tailors. All orders are constructed on site, with the client at the heart of process. In my hands-on approach, I start with listening as the first step. I find a low pressure approach and conversation around your wardrobe needs and concerns will more often lead you to the exact right suit choice.

From the initial meeting, through the basted fittings, final creation and the delivery of your suit, I personally handle your order. As I know scheduling can often be difficult, I work around you. Should you need to reach me at anytime before, during or after the suit construction, I am happy to make myself available to clients via phone, text or email.

It's my belief that this personal approach makes getting a bespoke suit a sartorial experience far superior to retail.

Warm Regards,

Johnathan Behr


Meet The Makers

Johnathan Behr and Jeffery Plansker met as 6th grade next door neighbors in Glendale California circa 1974.
30 years later they reconnected with an overlapping interest in traditional menswear.
Johnathan became a Bespoke tailor while Jeffery became a commercial film director and graphic artist.
Their business partnership takes the best of their personal and professional interests and combines the two to create the product and culture you can see within the store and the clothing.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Nothing less than Bespoke would have worked for the character of Christian Grey in the blockbuster film “Fifty Shades Of Grey”. Enter Johnathan Behr, chosen by costume designer Mark Bridges to shape and tailor the attire of lead actor Jamie Dornan. Seven suits later, Johnathans' eye for detail and classic form shines elegantly on the silver screen. Read more @ CNN

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Why Bespoke?

"Why Bespoke Clothing", and article on Style Forum The Styleforum Journal has published a good article by Peter Zottolo titled "Why Bespoke Clothing". The story is a quick read that cites Romance, Individualism, Self-love and Self-expression as reasons why we go bespoke.
"Sure, that suit makes you look great, but the process, eliciting feelings of creativity, anticipation and discovery, is the reason to choose bespoke. Because you can’t find that in any department store."
Check it out at The Styleforum Journal...