It’s time to go Bespoke!

There was a time not so long ago when a man's relationship with his tailor was as important and trusted as the ones he held with his barber, attorney, accountant and physician.

In this increasingly commoditized and globalizing world, fashion takes a hit. Retail often feels overly familiar, no matter what city you're in or what store your suit came from. Corners are cut with materials and construction. The result is a lesser quality garment built for the day, but not for the long term.

It's time to go Bespoke!

An impeccably dressed man is memorable. Because all of Johnathan Behr’s suits are truly bespoke, clients can be assured of a perfect fit as well as the appropriate style or cut.

Mr. Behr has found two things to be undeniably true after 25 years in the suit business:

1. No matter what the current trends are, nothing stays in style longer or gives you more wearability than an elegant British-inspired bespoke suit.

2. Nobody does fabric better than the Italians. From suitings, jacketings and shirtings, they are the undisputed masters of fine cloth.

Mr. Behr takes this devotion, knowledge and finesse of British style and Italian fabrics, brings it across the pond, and creates hand-tailored clothing of the highest quality for his devoted clientele.

Expert Wardrobe Consultation

Clients appreciate Johnathan Behr’s exceptional taste level, attention to small details, and unmatched personalized service. He gives expert advice on what colors, patterns, and materials work with the client’s own body type. Mr. Behr can help achieve that professional, assertive, and polished look for any occasion.

Made in our Los Angeles Shop

Johnathan Behr’s Wilshire District shop is where he conducts his consultations, gives previews of his array of fine fabrics, and conducts fittings. Even more importantly, all of Johnathan Behr’s bespoke suits are made in the same shop by Mr. Behr's team of master tailors and cutters. This creates a highly efficient and personal process for his clients.